Governance Systems


Having a robust management system in place is the foundation for managing governance within your organisation. Every employer has an obligation and a duty of care to their employees to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Its not only a legislative requirement it promotes the core company values - Quality, Safety and Environment these core values ensure that you return home in the same way you came to work. 

Evolve Compliance Solutions has an extensive network of Quality, Safety and Environmental Consultants that can provide professional advice and guidance to your organisation on developing, implementing and maintaining QSE programs that adhere to many International and Australian standards and legislation ensuring the management of Risk whilst driving lasting improvement.

We all know that managing the myriad of changes in risk and compliance requirements, policies and related procedures isn’t simple. It demands a systemised approach and assignment of responsibility to flag triggers for change, archive or acknowledge the need for change, supersede older versions of things we are changing, and notify and support relevant parties of the changes so that you maintain a unified implementation of the changes. 

Ask yourself these questions before implementing ‘change for change sake’: 

What is the ripple effect of the change throughout the organisation?

Are we planning this change so that it causes minimal disruption to the business or another functional area?

How are we going to communicate this change throughout the functional silos of the organisation so that they quickly realise new operational requirements, mitigate risks and drive improvement?

Too often, change management in (GRC) Governance, Risk and Compliance falls short, leading to disruption and lack of support for the critical risk and compliance activities that enable effective governance. The solution is to adopt a risk-based approach by challenging strategies around the management and overall methodology for increased efficiency in operations and collaboration through implementation enforcing lasting Improvements.