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ECS are leaders in integrated governance, risk and compliance solutions. Partnering with leading Australian Cloud based solution by considering a risk-based thinking that makes preventive action part of your daily routine. Utilising our partnerships strength we can offer these integrated modules which enable seamless industry solutions, which address operational requirements focused on turnkey solutions, to address your specific underlying business needs.

Risk-based thinking, therefore:

· builds a strong knowledge base

· establishes a proactive culture of improvement

· assures consistency of quality of goods or services

· improves customer confidence and satisfactions supported by your very own dedicated business and management consultant

This simple yet fundamental approach supports a continuous improvement cycle to “Plan, Do, Check and Act” which is any organisations assurance that the likelihood of achieving stated strategic or operational objectives will be improved, as the overall outputs are more consistent and customers can be confident that they will receive the expected outcomes of either products product or services.

Our integrated platform provide for the very best governance framework, Leadership responsibility, Safety Compliance, Contractor and Visitor management, Asset management, online forms ISO standard compliance and Consulting, Intelligence and Education solutions managed within one platform to assist our clients to Evolve Risk Based thinking into Opportunity...

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Our dynamic Team highly skilled industry professionals have extensive experience across our market demographic ensuring confidence that they have walked beside you. 

Our Mission is to provide high quality innovative solutions in a way that gives value for money and exceeds our customer expectations. As such, the diverse industry experience of our management team, ensures that clients get the very best of our integrated service offerings, without having to compromise and take focus off what you do best Running your business.